The Criminalisation of Children and Young People

Regulation and Criminalisation of Children, 2002-

Publications and presentations about the regulation and criminalisation of children include:

  • Chapter: Scraton, P. and Haydon, D. (2002) ‘Challenging the Criminalisation of Children and Young People: securing a rights-based agenda’ in J. Muncie, G. Hughes and E. McLaughlin (eds) Youth Justice. Critical Readings, Sage/Open University, pp311-328 Link to document
  • Article: Haydon, D. and Scraton, P. (2008) ‘Conflict, Regulation and Marginalisation in the North of Ireland: The Experiences of Children and Young People’, Current Issues in Criminal Justice, Special Issue: The Criminalisation and Punishment of Children and Young People, Vol. 20, No. 1, July 2008, pp59-78 Link to document
  • Presentation: ‘“We’re social, not anti-social”: challenging the criminalisation of children and young people’, Community Lecture Series 2010, Gort na Móna CLG, Belfast, Northern Ireland (2010)
  • Presentation: ‘Early Intervention and Prevention of Offending’, Regulation and Criminalisation of Children and Young People Seminar, Childhood Transition and Social Justice Initiative, Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland (2011)
  • Presentation, with Phil Scraton: ‘A critical, rights-based approach to the demonisation, criminalisation and regulation of children and young people’ Seminar, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia (2016)