Social Constructions of ‘Childhood’

Childhood’ in ‘Crisis’? (Edge Hill University College, England) 1993-1997

This initiative, with colleagues in the Centre for Studies in Crime and Social Justice ‘Young People, Power and Justice’ Research Group at Edge Hill University, developed collective research focusing on children and young people following the death of James Bulger and the dominant negative social constructions of childhood in media and political discourses during the 1990s.

  • Workshop Chair: ‘Schooling Children: Rights, Responsibilities, Resistances’ at Childhood in Crisis? Conference, Edge Hill University College, England(1994)
  • Seminar Chair: ‘Zero Tolerance in Primary Schools’, West Lancashire multi-agency initiative, Edge Hill University College, England (1996)
  • Workshop Chair: ‘How Professionals Fail Young People: initiatives and further developments to encourage a positive agenda for young people’, ‘Negative Images, Positive Realities’ Conference, Centre for Studies in Crime and Social Justice/ Lancashire Youth Service, Edge Hill University College, England (1997)
  • Chapter: Haydon, D. (1997) ‘“Crisis” in the Classroom?’ in P. Scraton (ed) ‘Childhood’ in ‘Crisis’?, UCL Press, pp101-123
  • Article: Haydon, D. and Scraton, P. (2000) ‘“Condemn a Little More, Understand a Little Less”: the political context and rights implications of the domestic and European rulings in the Venables-Thompson Case’, Journal of Law and Society, Vol. 27, No. 3, pp416-448 Link to document