Secure Care

Consultation: Promoting and Protecting the Rights of Young People in Secure Care in Northern Ireland (Children’s Law Centre) 2015-2016

Commission by the Children’s Law Centre to consult with young people in the Secure Care Centre to inform the 2015 Northern Ireland NGO Alternative Report submitted to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. A substantial report details the legislative and policy framework governing secure care in Northern Ireland, relevant international standards, issues identified in previous research, the key findings of the consultation, proposed actions and recommendations. This consultation provided the basis for a number of international presentations and a book chapter.

  • Report: Haydon, D. (2016) Promoting and protecting the rights of young people who experience secure accommodation in Northern Ireland, Belfast: Children’s Law Centre Link to document
  • Presentation: Promoting and Protecting the Rights of Young People Who Experience Secure Care in Northern Ireland Seminar for policy makers and practitioners, Children’s Law Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland (2016)
  • Presentations: ‘“There shouldn’t be a place like this – we’re not bad people”: young people’s views about, and experience of, secure care in Northern Ireland’, Childhood and Youth Research Network Seminar, University of Auckland, New Zealand and Open Seminar at Western Sydney University, Australia (2016)
  • Presentation: ‘Developing critical, rights-based approaches to young people deprived of their liberty by the state’, Human Rights and Incarceration Symposium, University of Wellington, New Zealand (2017)
  • Chapter: Haydon, D. (2018) ‘Children deprived of their liberty on “welfare” grounds: a critical perspective’, in E. Stanley (ed), Human Rights and Incarceration: Critical Exploration, Palgrave, pp25-52 Link to document