Developing ‘Rights Based’ Approaches

Work with a range of organisations to consider ‘rights based’ approaches in relation to specific interventions or areas of policy/ practice has included:

Rights-based Approaches to Children ‘At Risk of Offending’

Feedback to staff and managers of the five projects delivering the ‘Early Intervention for the Prevention of Offending’ Programme; overview of the key issues and implications for practice to senior managers of early intervention projects, the Regional Co-ordinator of family support hubs, and the Chair of the Strategic Partnership ‘Children, Young People and Offending’ group; keynote speaker at a networking event for practitioners; conference presentation.

  • Workshop: Key Findings: ‘Early Intervention for the Prevention of Offending’ Programme, Mallusk, Northern Ireland (2012)
  • Presentation: ‘Engaging Young People at Risk: Addressing Need, Promoting and Protecting Children’s Rights’, ‘Improving Outcomes for Vulnerable and At Risk Children and Young People’, Networking Event for Practitioners, CAPS/ NIACRO/ Southern Health and Social Care Trust, Armagh, Northern Ireland (2012)
  • Presentation: ‘Developing Rights-based Early Intervention for the Prevention of Offending in Northern Ireland’, Taking Children and Young People Seriously: Reflections on Critical Research Conference, Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland (2015)

Rights-based’ Organisational Practice

Commission by Northern Ireland’s Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority to deliver a workshop for staff who inspected children’s homes (including the Secure Care Centre) about the principles of ‘child rights-based’ approaches and implications for RQIA policy/ practice (2016). With Sheri Chamberlain (former Director of Save the Children NI), I was contracted by the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People [NICCY] to provide training and follow-up support for staff and the senior management team about child rights programming and conducting a ‘child rights situational analysis’ (2016-2017).