2023 Real Truth Legacy Project [RTLP] 2023

Survivors, campaigners and the families of the 97 Liverpool fans who lost their lives as a result of the Hillsborough football disaster on 15th April 1989 have been involved in a three-decade campaign in pursuit of justice. Liverpool West Derby MP, Ian Byrne, is working with some of them on the Real Truth Legacy Project – a campaign to educate current and future generations about the injustices and cover-ups following Hillsborough.
The Real Truth Legacy Project was started in September 2021 to ensure that the truth of Hillsborough is taught across all age groups so that the lies and smears about the disaster propagated by the media and state agencies are eradicated forever.
In January 2022, Liverpool City Councillors passed a motion to commemorate the Hillsborough disaster with a ‘Remembering Hillsborough’ Assembly in all schools governed by the local education authority.
During 2023 myself and Phil Scraton, with other members of the RTLP, developed an Introduction to the project, a ‘Remembering Hillsborough’ Assembly powerpoint, Guidance for Teachers, a document outlining the Context and Timeline, and a list of Sources/ additional information. These were distributed to schools across Liverpool City Region in July 2023.
The intention is to include education about Hillsborough in the National Curriculum, with materials produced to support teachers deliver lessons about this topic.
A number of short videos have been created to explain the purpose of the Real Truth Legacy Project, and its relevance to children.
Introduction to the Project: link to document
‘Remembering Hillsborough’ Assembly: link to document
Guidance for Teachers: link to document
Context and Timeline: link to document
Sources and Further Information: link to document